The older I got, the more I wanted to travel. And the more I traveled, the more I wanted to create something
unique of the things I had the chance to see.
That was my kind of motivation to become an explorer, adventurer and travel photographer.

My fascination with nature began pretty early in my youth. I grew up in the north of Germany and moved more than a dozen times. While this was challenging, it also gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about people and landscapes in the city as well as in the countryside. What I learned about myself in this time, is that the beauty of nature always gives me the possibility to recharge from the everyday life.

Today I am traveling a lot through Europe, always looking for new challenges. Climbing glaciers, kayaking across big lakes and rivers and also hiking mountains and through the valleys to live on my own with the tent in my bag; always on the lookout for authentic wildlife, landscapes & cultures.

At the time I’m planning one big expedition from Myanmar through India to Bhutan – from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas.

      My Photography and Travel Gear

Sony a7R Mark II
Sony 2.8/16-35 GMaster
Sony 2.8/24-70 GMaster
Sony 4.5-5.6/70-300 G

Nisi & Haida Filters 100
Mengs nodal rail & panorama plate
Sunway L-Plate
Gitzo GT0545T & GH1382TQD
LowePro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW

Apple MacBook Pro & Thunderbolt 27”
Wacom Intuos Pro M
Canon Pixma Pro-10

Meindl Boots
Fjällräven, Jack Wolfskin & Norrona clothing

Helsport Tent
Grivel climbing gear